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About our School: Robert Hicks Primary School

Robert Hicks School is a Christian based English Medium School. We are committed towards creating a disciplined, structured, secure, educational environment, striving for academic, cultural and sporting excellence. We base this on effective communication, mutual respect and social responsibility.

Robert Hicks School History

From humble beginnings as a tent school, Robert Hicks Primary School has grown to one of the best known schools in the city. The Gezina school was started in 1903 a s a 'concentration camp' school with four teachers and a headmaster. In it's early months the school was repeatedly threatened with closure because the tents kept blowing down. It was then decided to build a permanent school and in September 1904 the school re-opened at it's second "home" - on the corner of Frederika Street and 13th Avenue with 135 children. The third home, a block further east, came eight years later before the school moved into the buildings now used by Laerskool Eben Swemmer - on the corner of Frederika Street and 14th Avenue. Mr Robert Hicks, after whom the school is now named, was appointed principal in 1919, and retired in 1936, the year before the school moved into the fourth home - on the corner of Adcock Street and 12th Avenue.

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